How-To Plan Your Wedding

    Planning your wedding can be the most exciting and joyous task, but it can also cause stress and anxiety. When you first get engaged, you are flooded with the excitement of becoming your dream guy’s wife as well as overwhelmed with the enormous task of deciding where to start when it comes to your wedding checklist. This is where I come in. As your wedding planner, it is my job to prepare a list of tasks to complete in the most effective and logical order and today we’re going to make that happen. They’re one of the most special days for couples to celebrate their vow to each other. It is a day filled with love and giving thanks to The Lord for building two people that are perfect for each other.

    The first task on the list is picking the venue for your wedding ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner. This will be the “center-piece” of your wedding. From this point on, you will build your wedding party size, atmosphere, and personality around the venues.

    The next task is to determine your wedding party size. Deciding who you will invite to share your special day with you will lead into choosing the bridal/groom party, save-the-dates and invitations that best represent your style. So, while this task may seem dull, it is truly an essential building block for many other creative and exciting design steps of building your perfect wedding.

    The third task on your list will be to book your officiant. This member of your wedding party will seal the deal when it comes to becoming a married couple. They will stand with you in front of your friends and family to join you as husband and wife, officially.

    The fourth and, in my opinion, most creative and fun box to check off on your checklist is booking your caterer, florist, photographer and videographer. I group these vendors together because they’re my favorite, but also because this is a task where you really get to build your wedding personality and be creative.

    The fifth step I recommend in a basic wedding planning checklist is picking out the music for your special day. Do you want a band or DJ to help you get down at your reception? Everyone can agree that music tells the story of your heart better than words can.

    There are many other steps in between these that are just as important when it comes to putting together your dream wedding, but I find that these are the essential building blocks to make for a great party.


Emelie Harris