5 Things To Do After He Pops THE Question

1. Call your Mom, DUH! It would be out of the question to go a single minute without letting the woman who has stood by your side from day one know that you’ve said yes to the love of your life!

2. Book your Planner! This ‘Fairy Godmother’ will be with you every

step of the way. Who better to help you than someone who knows their way around the wedding world? Your planner is the go-to person for every question you will have about booking your venue, saying yes to the dress, catering tastings, and so much more.

3. You can’t have a party without digs! The next box to check is booking a venue. Your planner will know everything there is to know about reserving your dream location.

4. Wardrobe: now onto the FUN stuff!!! Our favorite thing about finding your perfect attire for the big day is getting the chance to immerse yourself in the local shopping culture! In Nashville we spend most of our time sipping champagne and playing dress up at Olia

Zavozina or spiffing up at Alton Lane.

5. Treat Yoself! Now go pop some bubbly and toast to the rest of your life! You only get married once, right?! 

Emelie Harris